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Our Low End/Bandwidth Commitment policy

Because a huge majority of the population aren't quite there yet in technological advancements, or are critically expensive in rural area's.

What exactly do we mean by this? 

Our mission statement with this policy is to provide our content and websites to those who lack suffentially stable internet or can't afford even the lowest end of devices until the very end life of our website. We personally think that it's unfair to punish those who hold a right to access information without the need to upspend on expensive equipment to view online information, so we design our websites to work more closely with the hardware typically used on the very low end.


If the tech in question is of unexceptionally slow speed (Eg, terminals, Lower than 50Mhz or devices heavily modified to accept modern connection types), then support will not be considered. 

Support is currently being tested, but we do have a lite version which works perfectly on feature phones. (lite.northstudios.net)

Our services will have similar lite-like pages designed specifically for mobile, but will be cut down significantly to cator towards functions feature phones support. (ex. a mobile compatible version of digitalfront wont contain links to downloads, forums or other desktop-only features.) Until if and when support for those features will have phone counter parts, like downloadable java enabled games & apps or ringtones.

This policy covers every single service or website we produce. If we host a website, it will have a low end counterpart built for it. 

Overall Performance Gain

Website Speed                                                                                                             
North Studios 1:42 @ 56K (Simulated)
North Studios LITE0:03 @ 56K (Simulated*)

A proper test could not be conducted on the lite page as of this moment, so a possible estimation was determined from previous tests*

These tests were conducted using the Aptivate Low Bandwidth Simulator, so experience may vary depending on your ISP and location.

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